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Virtual Roundtable Series
01 October 2020

The generation of E-waste in Lebanon has been estimated at 51,000 tonnes (2016), with an average generation rate of 11.1 kg/inhabitant.yr, compared to a world average of 6.1 kg/inhabitant.
The latest survey by UNIDO showed that e-waste items are: given or sold to scrap dealers (22% in households, 33% in businesses); disposed with...

Rotterdam General Assembly 2020
27 Sep 2020

ISWA Lebanon Participated in ISWA’s general assembly which was held virtually this year due to the ongoing international pandemic. ISWA Lebanon, raised for the general assembly suggestions related to that was agreed to be put on the agenda of the board’s next meeting...

16th September 2020

ISWA Lebanon will be holding a Web-Conference on 16 September 2020 at 7:00pm to introduce itself and provide interested professionals within the solid waste sector with instructions on means of joining the Organization. The event will comprise of two presentations by two key speakers (ISWA Lebanon’s president, and a member of the scientific committee) followed by an open discussion with the attendees...

Asbestos Risks and Safety Measures after explosion of Port of Beirut
04 August 2020

ISWA Lebanon hosted Mr. Hassan Ktaech (environmental professional at Cole Engineering – Canada), to a virtual round table discussion on “Asbestos Risks & Safety Measures after explosion of Port of Beirut”. The discussion highlighted the utilization of Asbestos is buildings prior 1970s and their risks on human health. It was noted that based on the scale of the explosion asbestos fibers and fine particles have tendency to have spread out over other C&D waste. Although, Asbestos does not last in the air for long periods, however, it still imposes risk upon processing or moving material that have been cross contaminated by asbestos particles. Case studies related to New York and Toronto incidents were displayed. Finally it was highlighted that sampling at analysis tests should be carried out as a first step prior processing the material.

ISWA General Assembly Meeting
6 October 2019

Lebanon participated in ISWA’s general assembly for the first time in Bilbao 2019. ISWA Lebanon contributed in the decision making while its President, Rami Nassif, held a short presentation about waste management in Lebanon, highlighting opportunities, challenges and displaying various key figures. Participant members from various countries welcomed ISWA Lebanon’s participation. ISWA Lebanon took the opportunity...

Round Table discussion on Marine Litter
4 May 2019

ISWA Lebanon hosted the President of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, to a round table discussion on “Marine Litter in Mediterranean Sea – A Challenge turning to a serious threat”. The discussion highlighted that Marine Litter stretches beyond the visible floating litter to the micro-plastics and highlighted various major sources of Marine Litter in the World and in the Mediterranean...

Lebanon Waste Management Exhibition & Conference 2019
9-11 April 2019

Lebanon Waste Management Exhibition & Conference 2019, was the first Solid waste Expo-Conference to be held in Lebanon and it addressed a wide variety of waste management issues in an effort to support the movement of the waste management sector to a more sustainable phase. The Event itself served as a platform for waste professionals in Lebanon...



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