About ISWA Lebanon

About ISWA Lebanon

Mission and Vision

ISWA Lebanon is a non-governmental organization aiming to act as a hub of local professionals, scientists, and practitioners who are active players in solid waste management and related sectors, and who are committed to developing, strengthening, and promoting the solid waste management sector in Lebanon.

ISWA Objectives

  • Support sustainable integrated waste management practices in Lebanon, within the current national legislative framework, and improve environmental responsibility and care for safety and occupational health in the waste management sector.
  • Encourage technical collaboration between the main actors in solid waste management including non-profit, public and private entities.
  • Encourage a paradigm shift towards integrated sustainable solid waste management
  • Expand national capacity and raise awareness in solid waste management.
  • Create a network of professionals in the solid waste management sector and encourage the exchange of information and experiences

Core Values

ISWA Lebanon is committed to:


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