E-waste in Lebanon: Challenges and Private Sector Solutions

E-waste in Lebanon: Challenges and Private Sector Solutions

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01 October 2020 | 6:00 PM (Beirut Time)
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01 October 2020 6:00 PM (Beirut Time) https://bit.ly/2FUbXpO 892 2044 2693 20201001

ISWA LEBANON is pleased to invite you to a virtual roundtable:
"E-waste in Lebanon: Challenges and Private Sector Solutions"
Dr. Gaby Kassab (Ecoserv)
Mr. Ramzi El Haddad (Verdetech)


The generation of E-waste in Lebanon has been estimated at 51,000 tonnes (2016), with an average generation rate of 11.1 kg/inhabitant.yr, compared to a world average of 6.1 kg/inhabitant.
The latest survey by UNIDO showed that e-waste items are: given or sold to scrap dealers (22% in households, 33% in businesses); disposed with regular wastes (15% in households, 12% in businesses); or stored (15% in households and 12% in businesses). In households, only 5% is handed to specialized e-waste actors, compared to 19% in institutions/businesses.
This roundtable hosts the two businesses that are active in e-waste collection and management: Ecoserv and Verdetech to address:

  • Challenges of e-waste management in Lebanon
  • Their approach to environmentally sound solutions
  • Reflections & observations on e-waste generation & management in Beirut, upon the blast of Aug 4
About the Speakers
Dr. Gaby Kassab (Ecoserv)

Industrial Engineer by formation with a Masters degree in econometrics, and a PhD in Strategic Planning from Columbia University
His extensive technology related experience spanned over many years in CEO and EMEA
Regional Director positions with large Hi-Tech Corporations (Data General, Nokia, QActive for smart Technologies,..) has provided him with a deep understanding of the many facets of electronics, its intricate manufacturing, and what goes with it in challenges of proper end-of-life ecological disposal of such equipment. He is the Founder and President of ECOSERV for Environmental Sustainability, an NGO focusing on sustainable electronic waste treatment. The NGO is currently among those leading the Climate for Change in Lebanon by offering services towards green CSR, through e-waste solutions and social awareness.

Mr. Ramzi El Haddad (Verdetech)

Mr. El Haddad sits on the board of AGH trading since 2012. AGH are leaders in the wholesale exchange and precious metals market, and are partners with Cormas Spa (Italy), a metal bank listed on the LBMA. As such, Mr. El Haddad values the precious components of electronic waste and believes in recovering them as resources, instead of disposing of them as detrimental material.
With this in mind, he created VerdeTech in 2018 to collect, sort, package, and ship e-waste in an environmentally sound manner, as approved by the ministry of environment as well as the ministry of interior and abiding by Basel convention standards.

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